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Open Studio Packs


Open Studio sessions are un-guided, 3-hour sessions that require a sign up. There will be a Pip person around to answer questions, but not to teach. Also...

  • Glazing and trimming must be done during an open studio session

  • Label and date all work in progress

  • Work in progress can be stored for 1 week on the shelves in the kiln room. After one week, we will recycle your pieces.

  • Please be cleaned up and ready to leave at the 3-hour mark

Just a note that we are no longer offering 1-time Open Studio use. In order to sign up for open studio, users will need to have an open studio pack code. You'll receive your code, as always, in your confirmation email. What's new is that you will also receive the password for the open studio sign up page via email. If, for some reason you don't, please contact us.

Also, we still don't allow cancellations or refunds for any of our classes, courses, open studio sessions or workshops. Our studio is small and we staff according to sign ups. Thanks for your understanding. You can reschedule your class/session up to 18 hours ahead of time by clicking the button in your confirmation email. Learn more at our FAQ page or read our terms and conditions here.

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