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Jobs at PIP

We're always accepting resumes for positions in the coffee shop and ceramics studio. Please click on the link below that corresponds to the area you're interested in and send us your resume! 

Teacher resumes for throwing, handbuilding and non-clay crafts click here

Coffee shop resumes click here

Ceramics studio resumes click here

Positions we are actively looking to fill

Wheel Throwing Teacher - Part-time

We are looking for wheel throwing teachers. If you are pretty experienced on the wheel and think you might like to teach it, email your resume here

Handbuilding Teacher - Part-time

We are looking for handbuilding teachers. We have a variety of handbuilding classes and are always looking to add more. Experience necessary with handbuilding, clay tools and underglazing, email your resume here

Craft Teacher (non-clay) - Part-time

We'd like to offer more non-clay craft classes.  This could be anything that could be completed in a 3 hour time period...macrame, resin jewelry, painting, collaging, puppet making, etc, email your resume here

Studio Tech - Part-time/full-time

We are looking for studio techs both part-time and full-time. Experience necessary with clay, glazes and kilns. This job involves firing, glazing, pugging clay and keeping the studio clean and organized, email your resume here

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