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Fill out the brief class survey below, snap a pic of your confirmation message and bring it in for a free drink.

What time did it start?
What kind of class was it?
Overall, how was your class?
Like an IRS audit with clayMehFun, but I'm one and doneVery good, but not as good as DisneylandExcellent...I'm hooked!
Overall, how was your instructor?
Like a bowl of plain oatmeal procreated with a gummy eraserMehGood but not getting invited to my weddingVery good; great with a little polishAmazeballs!
How was the instructor's demo at the beginning of class?
My instructor was:
My instructor was NOT:

Thanks for sharing your feedback and for coming to Pip! Don't forget to snap a pic of this message and come in for a free (non-alcoholic) drink.

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